Court Reporting and Captioning Week was celebrated at the Realtime Center For Learning, Inc. with the NCRA Students’ Speed Tests. It was really easy for us to incorporate the dictations, word lists and directions for the students’ tests; they had the flexibility of being timed for any speed that a student had last passed. However, passing was 96%. All participants would be named in the next JCR with those that passed being entered into a pool from which Gold, Silver and Bronze winners would be selected with various prizes commiserate with the appropriate level.

NCRA sent the Literary and Q&A already timed out in 20 words with enough material so we were able to give tests from 100 wpm up to 200 wpm in both categories. Our school is a unique blend of one in-house night a week for accountability, dictation and test-giving along with having our students do between 13 and 20 hours of homework and practice a week.

This created a bit of a challenge since there are three speed classes on Tuesday night and one high speed and two Theory classes on Thursday night. There were three students who took the test at 100, another student took it at 120, but I had to give them separately because they were all really in the same class. Names of all students along with those students who passed with 96% or better were sent to Ellen I. Goff, M.S.Ed., Professional Development Manager, NCRA. Congrats to Sam and Antonia for exceeding the required passing grade. Our high speed students received both literary and Q&A at 200 wpm. All participating students’ names, Debbie Babino, Gabrielle Carletti, Antonia Moy, Joe Altieri, Lisa Previti, Samantha Marshak, were sent to NCRA for recognition in the next JCR.

Court Reporting and Captioning Week is an opportunity for reminding the students they are part of a larger culture of excellence and dedication. We also remind them, if they haven’t already, to join both NYSCRA and the NCRA and to put the upcoming convention dates on their calendars. We encourage them to attend the NYSCRA 2018 Convention being held October 12 through 14 at the Melville Marriott. The convention will have a huge focus on students and recent graduates, and it would be wonderful to see them all attend.

Harriet Brenner-Gettleman, CMRS, CRI                                                                                Director/Owner

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