Samantha Marshak Receives Bronze Medal from NCRA Student Speed ContestCurrently Attending Realtime Center's Court Reporting Program

“I started online court reporting school in July of 2015 and switched to Harriet’s school in April of 2017. When I compare my experience of online school to physically going to a classroom setting, the two are totally different routes intended to provide similar results -a great reporter. Although I started with online classes, solely for convenience, Realtime Center for Learning is where I feel, personally, I have progressed most.

I enjoy the hands-on help where all of the teachers are either a call, text or e-mail away.  All of the staff are either working or retired NY reporters so when you ask a question, they always have a detailed, helpful answer and a personal story to go with it; each of them knows what you are going through and how difficult and challenging this field is; they are understanding of how hectic life can be and always offer a listening ear or advice from personal experiences; they are more than just teachers but also mentors.

I feel that I have become a better writer since the change and have noticed my obvious increase in WPM/speed, but also my accuracy has improved dramatically.  I trust all of the teachers and their personalized methods to becoming a better reporter; even if their solution may seem silly, it always works. Although I will not be the fastest to complete court reporting school, I am moving at my own pace and forward will always be forward.

To any student thinking of comparing your journey through court reporting school to someone else’s, don’t do it - everyone goes at their own pace.”

Barbara DanielsRCFL 2015 Graduate and Freelance Court Reporter

“At the ripe old age of 51, I found myself in need of a career.  I attended the Realtime Center’s Open House and was impressed with the teachers and Harriet Brenner, herself.  When I actually saw the demonstration of the writing on the steno machine, I was mesmerized.

The academics were not a problem.  The speed-building, however, was extremely difficult and long for me.  Because of the wonderful teachers who all offered their experiences and help, and Harriet's undying devotion to seeing to it that each of her students gets the individualized attention they need, I did succeed.

At the higher speeds, she offered opportunities to be exposed to real-life reporting by participating in a mock deposition.  It was one of my biggest turning points when I faced my fear and just put myself out there.  Game changer for me.  I have the security of knowing I can always ask for advice from Harriet or any of my teachers if a situation comes up at work. I have overcome my fear of working, and I approach every deposition I take with confidence.

Colleen WestPresident Enright Court Reporting & Transcription

A few years ago Harriet Brenner-Gettleman, the president of Realtime Center For Learning referred one of her graduates to Enright Court Reporting.  This reporter has become a shining star within the Enright family.   She came to Enright well prepared and has worked very hard to rise to the top within the company.   I am truly grateful to be able to work closely with Harriet and look forward to hiring many more graduates from Realtime Center for Learning, a center of excellence!

Ken PerschkeRCFL 2015 Graduate and Freelance Court Reporter

I didn’t just learn how to operate the Stenograph machine at Realtime Center, I learned everything I needed to know about the reporting profession so I was completely prepared when it was time for me to leave the classroom.  Now I’m a regular reporter for the biggest agency in New York, and I’m proud of the work I do every day.  /THA*PBG /KWROU /RAEL /TAOEUPL /STR- !!

Christine DeRosaRCFL 2012 Graduate and Freelance Court Reporter

I just want to thank Harriet and the teachers at Realtime Center For Learning for the training I received.  They gave me the tools and confidence I needed to land a job and establish myself in the industry with a reputable agency.  If you want to be a prominent real-time writer in the court reporting industry, then Realtime Center For Learning is the school for you.

Janine ColasantiDistrict Court Reporter

Many years ago I completed the Intern Program created by Harriet. It gave me the training I needed to handle any situation I came across with confidence and professionalism.

Mindy Perlish, CSR, CMRS.Freelance Court Reporter

Court reporting has provided me with the financial means to send my three children to college while working in a fast-paced and flexible environment.

Kathy Wetzel, RCFL2013 Graduate and Freelance Court Reporter

I cannot say enough about how well Realtime Center For Learning has prepared me to launch my career as a freelance court reporter. With two months on the job, I handled a complex multi-party construction litigation with five sets of attorneys as if I had years of experience under my belt. I am continuing to earn a high level of respect in the field and am so grateful for the excellent training and support I received at Realtime Center. Be well.

Diana MitchellFreelance Reporter

Having completed Harriet's Intern Program 15 years ago and gaining the experience needed, I was prepared to enter a very lucrative career in which I averaged $61,000 for several years before deciding to raise a family and was able to adjust my workdays from four to two a week.

Jennifer FuchsJennifer FuchsFreelance Reporter

As a realtime reporter producing expedites and dailies on very high-end commercial work, I have enjoyed income as high as $97,000 annually

Martha Callahan ReinaExcel Reporting, Inc.

“Many new reporters have the speed needed to graduate reporting school but know so little about the details and nuances of court reporting as an effective professional, i.e., filling out a "dog sheet," how to handle parentheticals, marking of exhibits, proper punctuation, formats and protocols. We have recently begun working with one of Harriet's graduates. Wow, what a difference. It is so refreshing to have a new reporting graduate who is a well-prepared professional.

It is obvious that Harriet's graduates have learned from the best.Harriet dots every "I" and crosses every "T" They are head and shoulders above the rest. Thank you, Harriet, for maintaining the integrity needed for creating excellent court reporters.”

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