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About The Realtime Center For Learning

What is Realtime Reporting?

As words are spoken, a trained reporter uses a Stenograph machine to record syllables, words and phrases in shorthand. The Stenograph machine transmits the shorthand strokes to a computer equipped with special software using the reporter’s dictionary that instantaneously translates the shorthand into English and displays it on the screen. Specially trained realtime reporters provide instantaneous translation of court proceedings, depositions, closed captioning, captions for live television programs as well as translation services and captioning services for the deaf and hard of hearing. It takes a well-trained individual to be a first-rate court reporter and/or captioner. The Realtime Center For Learning prides itself on its exceptional staff of instructors and administrators and its unique preparatory curriculum.

The Founding of The Realtime Center For Learning

In the spirit of training the most skilled court reporters for the legal community, The Realtime Center For Learning was founded in 2006. The New York State Education Department’s Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision provided its approval of the school’s registration on April 14, 2006. Wholly owned and operated by Harriet M. Brenner-Gettleman the school combines a multi-media learning experience with online resources and one weekly class for live instruction and dictation. Classes feature realtime technology utilizing Stenograph machines, laptop computers and software that instantaneously translates the court reporting student’s stenographic notes into the written word onscreen. This technology is widely used in court reporting, closed captioning and live captioning, which also provides realtime translation services for the deaf and hard of hearing.

The “Nuts and Bolts” of The Realtime Center For Learning

The Realtime Center For Learning teaches with an innovative new methodology in education, a combination of multi-media learning and in-class accountability, along with a carefully crafted sequence of education designed to produce optimum results in the shortest time frame possible. Instructors act as teachers, coaches, and mentors in the educational process, ensuring that each student has the information, support and tools necessary for success in their program of study.

The Realtime Center For Learning allows students to meet their goals in accordance with individual learning styles. This is what sets Realtime Center For Learning apart from others in the field; it is a training program that allows flexibility in skill acquisition. When students are learning fast, there’s nothing in the program to hold them back. For those who need more time to assimilate an idea or skill, the program has flexibility built in for that.   Classes at The Realtime Center For Learning are conducted primarily via distance education, utilizing an innovative structured program.  Students have access to their instructors throughout the week via telephone, email, and discussion boards. Once a week, classes are held using an online platform, giving students opportunities for live interaction, testing and dictation. This combination of “learn at your convenience at home” with the accountability of the once-a-week class gives students greater flexibility in meeting their educational goals.

Although there is flexibility in the program, a high level of participation and commitment are fundamental requirements. This adaptability allows for ample time to work with the materials and build skills, but should not be viewed as a way to fit the program into an already overburdened schedule.

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