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Personality Traits

1. I would describe myself as someone who...
  1. often gets things done ahead of time and doesn't procrastinate.
  2. puts things off until the last minute frequently turning in work that is late but is still a good job.
  3. puts things off until the last minute frequently turning in work that is late and is not as good as it could have been if I had put more time into it.

2. When faced with a large task I...

  1. figure out how to get it done and finish it on time or early
  2. get someone to help me organize it and get it done.
  3. get totally overwhelmed and sometimes I am unable to complete it.

3. I frequently find that...

  1. my schedule works well for me and I am able to balance my work, needs of others, and my personal life.
  2. I use time management for some aspects of my life, but not all.
  3. I am too busy to create a time management schedule or feel I couldn't stick to it even if I created one.

4. When told something I want to do can't be done I tend to...

  1. sit back and look at all the facts objectively to see if I think I can do it.
  2. automatically take it as a challenge and try to do it anyway.
  3. get discouraged and try something else.

5. When faced with a task that doesn't have immediate rewards I...

  1. keep my eye on the big picture and keep doing what needs to be done to get to the goal.
  2. can keep going if I am given encouragement and help by others.
  3. may get discouraged and move on to something else that can be completed now.


If you answered "A" to most of the questions, good! Time management and self-discipline are critical to completion of challenging programs such as court reporting.

If you answered "B" to most of the questions, you may need to be especially conscientious in establishing study times and sticking to them to succeed in a court reporting program. Your instructor will help you learn techniques for maximizing your study time and staying on goal, but ultimately, it will be your willingness to commit to the program that determines your ability to complete it.

If you answered "C" to most of the questions, court reporting may not be the right program of study for you. Court reporter training is rigorous and requires a high level of repetition until a goal is met. You may find our training program difficult to complete successfully.

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